Exactly.  She tends to cope with stress through aggression, and being paralyzed is really going to fuck with her.  She doesn’t quite have Hiccup’s flexibility and certainly doesn’t have his ability to internalize and deal with problems that way.  She’d have a rough time of it.

1. Do you draw?

Yeah, but you wouldn’t know it unless you looked through either the ‘asingularmind’ or ‘mind tries to draw’ tags. I plan on doing more soon though. Its something I want to develop.

2. Do you have a pet?

Yes, but sadly he isn’t with me while I’m at school. The most adorable, grey miniature poodle is at my parents house where I’m from.

3. Why do you think they haven’t found other Night Furies yet? Is Toothless the last one?

I really like to think that Toothless isn’t the last night fury. They are such a beautiful dragon species, and their ferocity makes me doubt they could be wiped out easily…but with the way the writing is going I have a feeling that they are dying breed. And Toothless may very well be the last one.

But stepping back into a more hopeful outlook, assuming that he isn’t the last one, I have a thought:

1.Night Furies are native to a region that is a sizable distance away from Berk, which is why we haven’t see that many. But then how did Toothless get there? We know he had been influenced by the Queen, but how or why did he wander so far away from home?

I’m sure there are more, and better headcannons out there for this. I imagine the lovely avannak or elfpen have at least a few.

4. Do you believe in ghosts? (ehehehehhe)


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